Monday, October 01, 2012

Take That, Social Media!! Long Live Email As Marketing Tool

The headlines all say that email marketing is dead; a rotting corpse of a bygone marketing fish.  Don't tell that to my clients or their customers.  And, by the way, the science is in on this. 

The first one I noticed a week ago.  Yes, Mildred, people prefer to be sold by email.   Especially repeat customers.  But people hate getting all that email, right.  They will tell you that, but they are not telling the truth.  Here's the stats on email customer attitudes

Check out the influence of social media.   WOW!  Now that doesn't mean we can't use social media effectively to get emails or to engage folks.  It just means that it isn't turning into $$.  And I hate to say it, but I've been saying this for a long while.  My clients just aren't getting a bunch of action from social.  (Unless you count YouTube).

Add to that study, this study by Pew Research.  Tablet and smart phone users, are using these devices primarily to send and receive emails.  Go figure.  Not text, not games, not social media.

When you send out an email at almost no real cost to a list of folks who already know you, and 20% to 30% open it, you have a fantastic chance of some kind of connection.  Moreover, you are controlling the message, not hoping they find the message among all the other competing matter on the page or the screen.

Want more business? Develop your email list.  Send out emails monthly or more often depending on your business.  Refine your email to make certain you are speaking to your followers and sharing things they want to know and deals that will drive them in. 


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