Business Satisfaction Survey - How Do You Feel About Your Personal and Professional Situation

Whether you are 20 or 75, the owner or the employee, making minimum wage or in the top 1%, you should take a personal inventory from time-to-time. This survey was designed for folks who own their own business or are running their own show (reps, 1099 contractors, etc), but most of the questions apply to anyone. 

Take the test. Think really hard about the results, then consider options of how to make serious changes where necessary. On of those is MasterMinds. We invite you to visit the website to learn more about how a having your own personal board of directors might improve your personal a professional satisfaction quickly.

Now that you've taken the test, consider becoming part of a group of like-minded business professionals who are all looking for solutions to the same issues you are, and find it hard to speak honestly to spouses, siblings, employees, friends, or bankers about these issues. If that sounds like you, check out right now.  You can also email the president directly at

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