We'll Write Your Book

Nothing Says Credibility Like a Book About Your Business

Can you imagine what a difference it would make to your prospects if they find out you've written "The Book" on the subject they are potentially hiring you for. Whether you are a baker or a roofer, a lawyer or a doctor, even if you are a chimney sweep, your status jumps way up when you have a book out on that subject

I Could Never Write a Book

EBooks have changed everything about the book writing business. A typical eBook is only about 30-100 pages long. So you might be able to write it yourself. But even if you can't, we will combine your expertise with research, and then we'll write the book for you. Just like the one above. Whit sat down with us for an hour or so, and we interviewed him on video. We used that information combined with additional research, and wrote his book. 

The book will be written by Randy Kirk, who has been published by Warner Business Books and other publishers. See here

It Must Cost a Lot for a Ghostwriter

If we do the writing, the cost to you is only $100 per page. That includes the writing, the cover art, the formatting, the setting up of the Amazon account, the uploading. Every step. So for a 35 page book, the cost is only $3500. And you are now an author. Being an author often leads to radio or even television interviews, because the book makes you an "expert."

There must be a catch 

We only write books for clients. But, here are the additional benefits: 
  • The videos we take in the interview get professionally edited and uploaded to YouTube
  • The videos get added to your blog, website and/or Facebook and other social media
  • The book gets promoted through press releases, Twitter, and more
  • There is a promotional launch of the book using multiple email lists, and social media

Call today to discuss the potential of writing your own book! 310-910-1848


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