Monday, October 29, 2012

Presidential Election, Mortgage Interest Deduction, and Marketing

Not the greatest results for a three year old blog
I'm not bragging or complaining, but I have undoubtedly written more blog posts in the last 10 years than 99.9% of the population  But while I have generated income from some of those posts, helped my clients to generate income, and generated millions of page views, I am not really very successful at blogging.  Over the last couple of days, I think I have figured out why. 

I'm trying an experiment to check out my new found understanding.  The new approach is being tried on my client's blog   This blog has been active for a few years, and some of the content written there has been seriously well written.  But we have no following, and we get only 10 or so page views per day.

New Rule 1:  Write About Stuff that Is In the News, Creates Controversy, or Makes The Reader Look

The thing about a mortgage broker blog is that most folks are only going to be tuned in when they are in the market for a mortgage.  And we certainly want folks to find my client the mortgage broker under subject like "Mortgage Rates Hit All Time Lows."  But the big goal is to get the blog to be highly ranked, and ranking comes partially from visits. 

Thus you have the new headline today:  Fact Check:  Who Wins and Who Loses When Next President Ends the Mortgage Interest Deduction?

I have supported this post with a post on Twitter, LinkedIn, and Google+.  We will see if my new approach works. 

What do you do to make your blogging super successful?


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