I worked with Randy and his team for several years.  They were instrumental in our online success and helped us bring in revenue and grow during our crucial start-up phase (and beyond). They are experts in digital marketing.  I specifically worked with them to increase our online presence in the local space, meaning if someone searched for our product or services, we would show up near the top of the search engine results, which got our phone ringing!

Success begets success and without Randy's help there is a very good chance we wouldn't have experienced or had those initial wins that kept us moving forward and helped propel us to the next level and then the next.  Enabling us to grow and reinvest in the business. After 6 years in business, we are still reaping the rewards of his team's efforts...one heck of an ROI if you ask me!

I also wanted to mention that Randy has acted as a personal business consultant and friend.  He's a seasoned businessman and truly has the experience and depth of understanding needed to run a successful business. A lot of new digital marketing companies know about very specific, task based initiatives but lack the overall comprehensive understanding it takes to run a successful business. Randy and his team have both and I can't tell you how important that is. He's helped me work through some obstacles and hurdles I had to deal with while growing the business...not all of them related to marketing, but more so about how to handle running a small business and all of the facets and demands it takes, personally and professionally.

In the end, I am super grateful and thankful that I had the opportunity to work with and get to know Randy and his team.  I have zero doubts or reservations recommending them to anyone.  The bottom line is he provides massive value and will help you grow your business.  As a small business owner, who else would you want on your side?

John Fenn - Budget Dumpster

I was very happy with Randy's work. Encino, where my office is located, is also a very competitive market for attorneys, and despite that, Randy was able to get me very good placement on Google. He helped with the design of my website, and went (and continues to go) above and beyond the call of duty for my marketing needs, and his efforts are still paying off, a year later. When you ask Siri, on the new iPhone, for example, for a divorce lawyer in Encino, my name is the first on the list. I recommend him whole-heartedly and without reservation.

Michele C. Friedlander

A Google Places Expert! I've worked with a lot of marketing people over the years, the best are usually really good at one thing like SEO. Randy is in a class by himself, he is able to contextualize all aspects of marketing and is really good, probably the best, at Google Places, apparently Google thinks so too given his #1 ranking. I wish everyone I work with had the passion that Randy has for his work. I would encourage anyone who is serious about marketing to add Randy to your team. "Since working with Randy, my Google Places page rocks! Business has picked up, many clients are mentioning my reviews, and I am having to refer clients out to colleagues. I heartily recommend Randy to anyone serious about their Google Places marketing!" 

-Jeff Mathias, West Des Moines Attorney

Randy Kirk and Associates have done marketing for my company in the last few months. During the difficult economy it has been very important for me to attract new clients and increase my client base. His marketing efforts have proven effective and successful. He is always on top of the latest marketing developments and the most important areas to focus on, whether it's social media, You Tube, Blogging, Search Engine Optimization, direct marketing, or any other. 

His open, helpful and friendly personality makes him a pleasure to deal with. He is almost always available by phone and ready to discuss your ideas or concerns. He truly wants his clients to succeed and has their best interest in mind.



Monika Tarkowska-Carter, CPT, LWMC, HLC 2

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