Saturday, April 16, 2011

Marketing in 2011 - The Brave New World Of Small Business Marketing

I can't find my Yellow Pages Book.  No idea where it is.  I used to take two newspapers and 10 magazines.  I worry about the young kids who are still trying for mag subscriptions door-to-door.  Remember commercials on TV.  Some still Tivo through the commercials.  Now I Hulu on my IPad.  The Airline Magazines don't get touched anymore as everyone turns on their mobile devices.  Amazon, Ebay, and other online retailers may not ever get all the retail business, but don't tell the bookstores that.

And what about the pace of change?  Who can keep up?  I can tell you that as a marketing professional, we spend hours per week just reading about the changes and the possible impact.  Facebook ads, Google Places, YouTube channels, the Google Panda change, Smart Phone effect.

Small business owners who do their own marketing are more foolish than the proverbial lawyer who handles his own legal matters.  At least the lawyer has training.  But the statistics tell the tail  Somewhere around half of all small local businesses do not have a website at all.  Another huge percentage of those who do have a website are not visible.  And the ones that aren't visible are probably so old and out of date they wouldn't convert visitors into action if they ever got anybody to show up.

Every stat I see says that YouTube and Email to a customer list represent the highest potential return on investment for any marketing that a small business might undertake.  Would you like to venture a guess as to the percent of lawyers, accountants, bakeries, and pet shops, much less restaurants and hotels have done anything with YouTube or even have an email list.

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