Sunday, April 29, 2018

Five Reasons Why You Should Join a MasterMind group – Three Reasons Not To

SoCal MasterMinds meet to help on another improve personally and professionally

It was Harold’s turn to be in the hot seat at his MasterMind group meeting. Harold was no different than most who have come before a group of their peers to expose their innermost business goals, needs, and problems. He was anxious. 

However, he had seen how others before him had weathered the brutal honesty and heartfelt advice from the group, and he had also seen how they had been catapulted to change in ways that drove better sales, profits, and quality of life.

The hot seat will make you better at SoCalMasterMinds.comBut Harold’s time would be a bit different than the others. He had never really faced himself in any real sense, nor had he had anyone in his tribe who was willing to be honest with him. 

What came next was both ugly and necessary. Harold became defensive and angry under the questioning of his motivations, his methods, and his results. His defensiveness became the issue, which only created more walls to go up in Harold’s emotional response. The result was that Harold got very little that would help his business from his hot seat experience.

On the other hand, as the next hours, days, and even weeks played out, Harold met with members one-on-one, and recognized how he had sabotaged his opportunity. His apologized to the group as he realized how his ego got in the way of his ability to hear truth.

#1 Reason to Not Join a MasterMind group & #1 Reason to Join

You should NOT join a MasterMind group to confirm you own understandings about yourself, your business, or your expectations. In fact, the number one reason to join is to have those very things examined, tested, and challenged. As business professionals who run our own show, we are almost always in a bubble, an ivory tower, an echo chamber. Our only resource for good counsel is ourselves. King Solomon knew the results of such counsel “Where there is no counsel, plans fail.” 

#2 Reason to Not Join - You're Happy Being Meh. Join MasterMind Only if You Want to Soar

You SHOULDN’T join a MasterMind group if you’re happy with your current results. As a consultant for the past decade, I’ve run into dozens of business people who have invested time, sweat, money, training, and taken huge risks just to make $60-$80,000 per year. And when asked, some of those will say, “I’m okay with that.”
You should join a MasterMind group if you’re not “okay with that.” The other members of the group are going to use every ounce of their creativity and business skill to provide you with new ways to improve personally and professionally. If you aren’t interested in improving, they will lose interest in your participation. MasterMind members are driven by the desire to see things flourish, not wither and die.

If You Lack Persistence, Don't Join a MasterMind Group

#3 reason why you shouldn’t join a MasterMind group. Lacking persistence.  Most small business owners and reps are getting mediocre results because they don’t want to do the hard things. MasterMind is a place where that reality is going to be handed to you by a group of your peers. Peer pressure may be just what you need to do those hard things, but don’t come expecting to find a simple, passive, non-threatening way to make the big bucks. 

Join If You're Ready to Break Out of Your Comfort Zone

Prepare to leave your comfort zone at 
You should join a MasterMind group if you are really frustrated with your inability to break out to the next level, whether that is breaking $100,000 a year or $1m per year. Join if you are making lots of money, but you’re not enjoying life. Join if you are making money, but have new directions you’d like to try, and need wise counsel to check your decisions.

Finally, you should join a MasterMind group if you are looking for a permanent board of directors who have no reason to kid you, passify you, or stroke you, but will enjoy the thrill of helping you become all that you can be. 

MasterMind Groups are being formed in Southern California right now. If you would be interested in learning more about joining a group are starting a group in SoCal, please call Randy Kirk @310-910-1848 or email at



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