Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Do Something Outrageous to Draw Attention to Your Business

Big, Big Balloons, Banners, Sign Spinners, Celebrity Visits, Block Parties, Tent Sales

Sorry, this post will not apply easily to those who have an office on the third floor in an office building, or those who work out of their home.  But if that's you, you might just have to be a bit more creative.

I have a car dealership near my home that takes up an entire corner on a very busy intersection.  Once a year, they have a tent sale across the street in the parking lot of a regional mall.  This tent sale is directly across the street.  What could they be thinking.  The tents and balloons and activity on the other side of the street creates a new and different draw.  No matter how big or impressive your business, eventually your facility fades into the background and might as well be invisible.

Another car dealer nearby was on a not so busy street, but the building was visible from the 405 freeway in Los Angeles.  You may know that this is one of the busiest freeways in the country.  No one passing buy would have paid any attention to his dealership had he not put giant gorilla balloons on the top of the building.

Over tax day this past April, you had no choice but to learn that there was a new tax preparer in Los Angeles, competing with H&R Block.  Weirdly costumed characters were found all over the city, and you had no choice but to look.

Many of my clients call and ask if they should spend $1000 on this print adv or $600 a month for some internet opportunity.  I have no doubt in my mind that these Liberty characters cost less than $1000 per location and were worth every penny.

So, you are in that office on the 2nd Floor.  You dental business needs a boost.  If you can't get the landlord to let you put a balloon on the roof, can you put a banner out the on the side of the building.  If that's out, too, how about checking with businesses right around you.  Can you put a sign on their roof.  They'll get some bang from the looks their way.

Or how about a truck wrap.  Most truck wraps or signs end up on vehicles that have some kind of utility other than as a sign:  Construction, home services, and delivery trucks. Why only them?  Why can't you have a moving billboard or even more than one.  Park them around on different streets at different times.  Drive them during rush hour up and down your street. 

Most wraps are around $1700. Then you have the cost of the vehicle.  Buy something cheap, but clean. 

So, I turn it over to your brainstorming department.  How can you get a huge bunch of eyeballs pointed at your building, sign, truck, or tent? 


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