Wednesday, February 27, 2013

How to Write A Blog in 2013 - 400 Words or 1400 Words?

Should Blog Posts, Articles, Website Pages Be Short and Sweet or Long and Detailed

How to Write a Blog Post after Panda and Penguin

I dare you to find a single article written prior to 2012 that suggested you write 1500 word blog posts.  The clear instruction from every writer was that you should write about 500 words per post, and that no one likes to read long articles.  Add me to the list of such pundits.  In fact, I argued long and hard with one of my marketing clients.  She loves to write and pontificate.  Her blog posts run to 3000 words at times.  I begged her to shorten them up.  Break them into smaller posts and post more often.  She complained that she couldn't do it. 

Well, along comes Panda and Penguin, and to make it interesting, she ran out of time to write new posts.  She was getting 15 to 20 views per day.  Not great, but not horrible.  So, for several months she had no new content, no promotion of the old posts, no activity at all.  Amazingly, her views have more than doubled.  Check out her personal trainer and nutrition blog here.

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