Thursday, September 06, 2012

30 Foundational Elements to Small Business Marketing - Secrets from a Serial Entrepreneur

Fundamentals - Secrets of Marketing for SMB

Get the Fundamentals Right - 30 Secrets of Marketing for Small Business

If you are a small business owner, and you are looking for the secrets of successful marketing in order to get your business started, keep it growing, improve its profits, grow its product lines, or expand into new territories, then like any other skill you want to study the fundamentals.  I have just completed the 30 Foundational Elements to Small Business Marketing.  While each of these posts or chapters are merely short forays into material, not an in depth study, you will gain an immediate insight from each. 

Some of these thirty might be things you already know and you do a great job on execution.  Others you may know and you already know you could do better.  Some will be really new and will expand your thinking.  Taken together I hope you will agree that they cover all the basic secrets to marketing a small business. 

I am wide open to hearing from you about items left off the list.  I would love to hear that I've really missed the boat on some one or more of these.  Use the comment sections liberally to tell me where I've gotten it wrong. 

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A Serial Entrepreneur and Biz Author Gives His Top 30 Marketing Secrets in Detail - Pre publication sneak.

If you think it all makes a lot of sense, give me a +1 or a like or tweet about it.  Go ahead and use excerpts for your own blog or Google+.  Would you like to see more?  Then subscribe.  There are going to be at least another 71 posts giving the details.  Moreover, you can head to where I have completely different content being created on every aspect of Google Places, Google+ and all subject that relate to Google and social media.  Subscribe there as well.  

The thirty foundational posts describing the most critical underlying secrets to Marketing from the point of view of this serial entrepreneur are all contained in this blog starting about 45 days ago.  Enjoy.  Email me if you like at, or even call me at 310-910-1848.

 Here are Ten of the posts with links.   

I also found a great list of quotations that might help inspire your business success. 

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