Thursday, August 09, 2012

Small Business Marketing - Marketing Secrets from a Serial Entrepreneur

Small Business Owner?  Who Are You? If You Don't Know, How Will Your Customer?  Marketing Secrets 11-20 Out of 101

The marketing of any company or product should start with the first ten elements that we have just completed in our 101 Marketing Secrets of a Serial Entrepreneur.  Figure out your personal and business goal, add strategy and tactics.  Once those are in place you can review your profit picture, including the cost and the revenue sides.  You will want to evaluate customer service levels, which will be directly related to your reputation, and largely dependent on the type of people you hire.  My last Secret in the top ten was quality.  Determining the quality you want to be known for is a perfect opening salvo into the next ten secrets. 

The quality issue is one of the 11 elements of your identification that we will tackle next.  Your company has an appearance, a personality, a feel, a place, a reach, etc.  Are you projecting what you intend to project?  Are you proactively determining the images you believe will make you successful, or merely allowing the market to decide who you are? 

Starting with the first of the identification issues in the next post?  Let me know in the comments what you think the 10 additional elements will be in addition to quality. 

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