Tuesday, August 21, 2012

10 Marketing Secrets: How Do You Establish An Image For Your Small Business?

Let's all be honest.  We did not sit down when we started our small business and plan all the details of our image.  I have started 33 businesses, and I have not followed my own advice on this subject more than a few times.  You may have become very successful without paying attention to any, some, or all of the items on this list.  But I daresay that if you even scan over this list, you will agree that analyzing these items and proactively making decisions about the image issues listed will have a positive effect on your potential.

It is never too late.  You can start tomorrow.  Each of these items is linked to a blog post that gives the details for the headline. 
Please let me know if you think I've missed any big ones, or if any of these shouldn't be in the list.

If you would like a marketing professional to help you work through the list and create the strategy and tactics needed to implement your decisions, call me, Randy Kirk, at 310-910-1848.  Then let me know how you think I did on answer the phone.  :  )

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