Wednesday, February 03, 2010

Kirk's List Offers Hot Deals to Los Angeles Business Owners - Also Free Advertising

Top of the Page - FHA Mortgage 3.5% Down

Today's best offer comes from Bill Rayman at Mortgage Capital Partners, the largest mortgage lender in Los Angeles. Bill has a special offer, but first he wants to remind everyone on Kirk's list that the First Time Home Buyers tax rebate ends April 31. This is a great opportunity to get into the housing market with 3.5% down, a super low interest rate, and housing prices that will never be seen again. Here is a video about the FHA opportunity.

Bill is offering your choice of a 3 day Cruise or a NIght on the Town for TWO to anyone who brings him a mortgage referral that results in a contract. The night on the town includes dinner on restaurant row or equivalent, a show, and a limo for 4 hours.

Top of the Page - Learn more about Bill Rayman and fill out an instant mortgage application at or call Bill (direct) at 310-295-6213.


No kidding! The rest of the ads on this Business-to-Business newsletter will be FREE. So Easy! All you have to do to reach over 1000 other business owners is to send me your ad of up to 500 words.

May I recommend that your ad be VERY SPECIAL. If you want to get this group to jump up and down over your business offerings, give them something to shout about right now!!

SPECIAL OFFER! It's already free. What more can I do?
The first 50 who send me ads will qualify for a free YouTube Video of their business (up to 2 minutes). YouTube videos are 27 times as likely to be on page 1 of a Google Search than your website.

Check Out The Rest of These Ads. Use These Resources and They Will be More Likely to Buy From You.

Give an Electra Beach Cruiser Away

The Electra Beach Cruiser is one of the most sought after bicycles in the market today. If you are planning a promotion to your customers, your staff, or in conjunction with an event held by a charitable or civic organization, here is your chance to get an Electra Tank Type Beach Cruiser at 30% off MSRP.

Palms Cycle just a 1/2 block north of Venice Blvd on Motor Ave is making this special offer. Palms Cycle is the oldest Bike Shop in Los Angeles. Owner Cap Rancier is the 2nd generation to run the shop. Palms Cycle is a great resource for Road BIkes, Mountain Bikes, BMX bikes and specializes in Fixed Gear Bikes. They are also well known for creating very unique bicycle for the fixed gear crowd and for movie props.

Check out this video to learn more about Electra Beach Cruisers.

Get a NEON or LED Sign Direct From the Manufacturer has every kind of Neon Sign, LED sign, and even an exclusive SMART Sign. Do you need an open sign, exit sign, special custom sign with you Name or Logo?

Eddie Takahashi is the owner of and he wants to offer Kirk's List a special better than any other offer he has ever provided. Take the lowest price on any Neon, LED, or Smart Light you find on his website, then take another 10% off of that. This offer is limited to one per customer. And you can only get this offer if you send him a forwarded copy of this email.

You can, of course, pass this offer along to a friend by forwarding this email to them. even carries the new scrolling and programmable LED signs. The 10% discount applies to these as well.

See a video here about the Smart Signs which look like neon, are brighter than neon, more flexible in terms of what you can show on a sign, and even cheaper than neon.

Call Eddie at 626-818-4329

Local Company Stands Behind Their No Name Printer Ink

I have two pet peeves. I don't like to pay for parking and will happily walk eight blocks to avoid a $2 parking bill. I also need a Tums after paying for brand name printer inks. I understand they sell us the printers cheap to make money on the ink. But REALLY!

So I tried the no name ink a couple of times. OMG! Not a great move. That is, until I found Rob Cota at Rob tells me he has "done the research" into the generic inks and was ready to recommend I use one. A year later, I'm still saving BIG $$$ on those generics.

Rob is so confident that he'll earn your ink business he'll give you one free cartridge of black HP or Epson Printer Ink with ANY purchase. Let me repeat that. ANY purchase. Like you could buy one and get one free. That is 50% off. Robs Website is and his phone number is 310-937-4588

Investment GURU Works on Percentage!?!

Back in the day when there were real journalists trying to get news, the old saw was that Dog Bites Man was not a story, but Man Bites Dog was. Today the Man would probably have to make a stew out of the dog to get a headline. Anyway. Amin Khakiani is so sure of his investment strategies that he is willing to tie his earnings on your portfolio to your success. If you don't make money, he doesn't either. Now that is a story worthy of a headline!

Amin has a pretty healthy client list and over $5m under his watchful eye. He posts his results daily on his website and Twitters them, too. So you can keep track of him for a week, a month, or a year before you give his capabilities a try. His standard deal is 1-2% of your total portfolio per year, but right now you can be a part of his trial run at 10% of your gain. Minimum investment $50,000.

He says all new customers from Kirk's List get a 2 POUND bag of chocolate covered pomegranates just for signing up. Call Amin at 310-370-0495.

Go to


It might seem really simple these days to do an online tax return, but clearly the online systems can miss opportunities for you to save. Now, Mike Montano at Demetriou, Montano, and Assoc., is going to make it so darn cheap to use a tax preparer that the decision will be a total no-brainer!

Basic State and Federal (Standard Deductions) Normally $85
Kirk's List recipients ONLY $60.00

State and Federal with Schedule A Normally $199
Kirk's List Recipients ONLY $149.00

If you have larger tax issues, like unpaid taxes, prior years' returns not filed, or the IRS calling, Mike can help you with this, too. You hear their ads on the radio all the time regarding helping you solve tax problems.

Call Now 310 581-2900

This Could Have Been Your AD Right Here - Free! Really!

Just send me 500 words max. You can send six words if you want, but 200 - 500 is probably more likely to sell something. I will write an ad for you, but that is NOT FREE! Write it yourself! Save the dough for some printer's ink or a nice cruiser bike.

The next email of cool specials could come tomorrow or next week depending on how many folks send me their 500 words. So if you don't want to get more cool offers like this a few times a month or even a few times a week, opt out now. You can do that down at the bottom of the page.

For those who think this is a very, very cool new idea, send this to 10 of your friends and I will send you a thank you note and really mean it. They can sign up by clicking on this link, or by just sending me an email saying "sign me up." I am a simple guy.

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