Content Management that Will Still Be Bringing Your Company Profits Years Into the Future

Creating, Optimizing SEO, Managing, and Updating Internet Content

All of the content we create on the media platforms below will last for YEARS!
  • Website development
  • Blogs and posts
  • YouTube videos
  • LinkedIn profiles
  • Google+ page
  • Pinterest creation  
Unlike Adwords, Facebook ads, mailings, or print, you don't keep paying for the same content to reach the same audience month after month.  This doesn't mean that there isn't a place for short term ads or promotions in your marketing approach.  It does mean that the greatest return on investment will come from these longer lasting media efforts.

Google Says that Unique, Relevant Content is King?  Should We Argue

 You will still have plenty of phone calls, emails, and other solicitations suggesting that your road to greater sales and profits will come from backlinks or other SEO techniques that are - well - so last week.  In the fast paced world of internet visibility, the black hat methods rarely last.  Content has always been king, and right at this moment, content is also queen, jack and 10.

We do the writing
  • I am a published author of 8 business books and countless magazine articles.
  • I oversee all content created by our team of talented writers
  • You always have last say on what we do and don't publish
  • We have created over 2000 online videos for businesses
  • We have designed and done SEO for 100's of websites
  • We currently oversee 30+ blogs
  • We are experts in Google Places, Google+, LinkedIn, & Pinterest

We would Love to Help You Create a Huge Following

Give us one year, and with your help we will work towards establishing 1000's of views per month of your online content plus the following:
  1. 2500+ relevant emails in your data base with monthly emails to the list
  2. 1000+ relevant B2B or B2C connections on LinkedIn 
  3. Thousands of relevant Linked in members seeing your daily posts in groups
  4. 1000+ additional Facebook friends seeing your daily content (not Likes...Friends)
  5. 50,000+ views per year of your YouTube videos
  6. 500+ relevant friends seeing your daily content on Google+
  7. 10,000+ or more page views per year of your blog content
  8. Website and Google Places rankings for critical keywords on page 1.
BIG DEAL!  This content will be bringing results years from now.  If you continue to use our services in year two, we will just add an entire new layer of followers and content that folks will view.

Call us today.  All this and way, way more for less than $1000 per month.  310-910-1848

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