Friday, October 31, 2008

West Los Angeles Clients of Randy Kirk & Associates Marketing Consulting and Services Company

Dear Peachheaders and others who may be looking for outstanding product and service providers on the West Side of Los Angeles. If you call or drop by any of these companies, would you please indicate that you are there by my recommendation.

Palms Cycle - I have known the owners here since the early 70's, and the family has owned the shop since the 50's. You can be certain of getting good values on bicycles and accessories here, but you will also find the owners to be charming and enthusiastic about helping you. They are very community minded, helping with various police agencies and childrens groups, and they are the primary bicycle sponsor of the 2009 AIDS LifeCycle Ride. Ask for Cap or Candace. You can find more on their website, their MySpace, or their blog.

I forgot the mention, visit and take your kids just to see the almost 100 vintage bicycles they have on the floor or hanging from the walls and ceilings. Also ask to see the bikes that have been used in movies, music videos, or other theatrical events.

Ida Kendall - Hypnotherapist - Not just your average hypnotherapist, Ida is a California Certified instructor of Hypnotherapy.

She has been a leader in the development of new approaches to speeding up the process of improved mental or emotional health. Known as brief therapy, other mental health specialists are using techniques an tools taught by Ida that bring improvement in areas such as weight control, addiction, overcoming fears, improved motivation, depression, and stress (including post traumatic stress.) One of her specialties is the use of hypnosis to dramatically improve the likelihood of successful implantation during in vitro fertilization. Studies show a 60% improvement in implants.

Other methods used in her Santa Monica Studios include Transformation Breathing, EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique), and NLP (Neurolinguistic Programming)
Visit her blog for video information on her approaches. Visit her website for dates and times of classes and groups.

Thuy Le - Realtor -

As hard working as she is delightful to be around, Thuy is an associate of the Sotheby's Intl Realty business. You know them as holding auctions for the most exquisite art in the known world. They are also the leading real estate agency in the US for helping clients to buy or sell the most presitgious adresses around the world.

Thuy is a graduate of Wellesly College and an active member of the alunae association and the Jr. League. She currently resides in the Marina Del Rey area, and concentrates her real estate efforts there. However she is quite capable of handling your real estate needs for residential, investment, or leases throughout Santa Monica and the entire West LA neighborhood.

Visit her blog for articles she has written and videos she has created on opportunities in short sales and foreclosures during this unusual market. There are also other commentaries on current market conditions.
Michael Campbell - Chiropractor - When you visit some healers today, there is commonly a feeling of hurry. You get to sit around and wait, but once your finally seen by a practitioner, time's a waistin'. Dr. Campbell prides himself on doing just the opposite. While utilizing the very most modern equipment and methods in chiropractic, Dr. Campbell knows that his best chance of helping you feel better is if he is fully informed about your condition.

Dr. Campbell also believes that there is too much emphasis on machines today, so he is more inclined to spend more time with hands on methods, and he is a specialist in deep tissue repair.

In addition, Dr. Campbell sees the body as being like a bridge stood on end. From a structural engineering standpoint, this is a difficult maintanance problem. And since there is a foundation at only one end of this virticle bridge, the feet are a key ingredient in keeping the structure in balance. Therefore Dr. Campbell is an expert in Orthodics. He warns against DIY methods in drug stores and shoe botiques. For a very small amount more, you can use an engineer to produce orthodics that are customized for your feet and body. Learn more at his website.

The Best Plumber You Ever Had - I used to do all my own plumbing. That was before the flood. $1000 deductible later, the Pergot floor and the silk rug will really never be the same again. Now I use Vincent. He and his crew are ready to do it all. He and I discussed hot water heaters the other day. Did you know you're supposed to drain them once a year? And there's this gizmo you should replace when you drain it. Aren't you glad to know that. Now that I know it, I doubt if I will do it.

So, the best idea is to call The Best Plumber You Ever Had about once a year to just go through the house and check things out, do the regular maintanance, and you probably won't need him for a year. His website is here.

2 Learn English - If you teach English as a second language or English as a Foreign Language, or if you know someone who does, this couple has been creating books, card decks, games, and teaching aids for decades. They have now amassed a huge collection of widely used materials in one easy website. Visit here for the details.

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