Tuesday, July 08, 2008

West Los Angeles Marketing Consultant Explains His Out-of-the-box Methods

From my front door I can be in Santa Monica, Culver City, Beverly Hills, Downtown Los Angeles, Torrance, or Long Beach within 20 minutes. Within those cities lie some of the most powerful marketing and communications companies on the planet. Each one is fighting for the consumers attention and their dollars. All of them are using the web, even the presidential marketers.

How does a small local hair stylist or computer repair shop compete in that powerful space? There was a time when the great democratizer was the phone book yellow pages. But they are a force no more. The web was supposed to level the playing field, but has it? Only if you know how to use it.

Here is a short video that gives some examples of how I was able to get my clients to top positions on the Google Search Pages using YouTube. It is only one of the unique ways that I can help you become visible on the web. And the cost is less than $500 a month.

http://www.searchPage1.com RandyKirk77@Gmail.com

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