Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Niche Marketing - Try a Biodegradable Plastic Water Bottle - Health and Save the Planet

Grocery store bottled water is under fire. Disposing of millions of plastic bottles after only one use was never a good idea, but now cities are creating all kinds of restrictions on the use of these bottles.

All plastic water bottles were getting bad publicity over the last few months because of scares related to BPA in Polycarbonate bottles made by Nalgene and others, and because of notices with regard to disposable PET water bottles about potential algae growth when using those bottles more than once.

For the most part, the news got things right, although certainly not close to 100% right. One thing that is clear, and only a few news resources got this part wrong, LDPE, squeezable sports bottles are very environmentally friendly. And because of a major breakthrough in technology, they are friendlier to mother earth than ever.

First, LDPE bottles tend to be reused by their owners for up to 5 years. During this 5 year period, an individual using throw away bottled water containers might dispose of 3000 or more little 16 ounce bottles. That is a significant savings in carbon footprint among other things, like MONEY savings to the user.

2nd, LDPE bottles are 100% safe for use with food. Many products such as mustard, come packaged in LDPE bottles.

Now, comes the breakthrough. A new additive offered by Californialine makes these bottles 100% biodegradable in LANDFILL!!

In any business, when there is a huge demand for a new direction ... in this case bottles that are safe, don't create a massive misuse of resources, and don't fill up the landfills with plastic that will be there in several centuries ... smart businesses grab hold of the niche and attempt to exploit the opportunity.

Since these bottles can be printed with the company brand, there is even greater benefit. Any company can print 150 or 500 and hand these out to promote their store and be seen as being "green." Some companies will be able to sell these to their customers WITH their brand on them, creating a promotion and a profit at the same time.

Now for a bit of truth in advertising. Those bottles above are examples of the kind of bottles that can be 100% biodegradable. I owned the company that made those bottles until August of 2007 when I sold it. A few months ago, I found the additive that makes them biodegradable while on the payroll of the new company. Now I am selling the bottles as part of my marketing consulting business. If you need water bottles or if you need marketing help of any kind, give me a ring. 310-920-9649 or email

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