Saturday, May 17, 2008

New SEO Business For Local Businesses

Almost every SEO firm in the US is after the big corporations. Sure, that's where the big money is, and the big challenges. Something big is happening however, and that is the need for local businesses who would have used the Yellow Pages in years gone by to drive new traffic, no longer have that option. This is undoubtedly one of the main reasons why discounters, chains, and big box stores are killing the mom and pop enterprises.

That may all be about to change. Google has been steadily improving the Google Maps Local Business Center. This allows a local merchant, lets say a music shop, to get all the normal Yellow Page info on the web FOR FREE. Even Coupons. Now, if a local customer is looking for this merchant, the can choose... music store city name.... and get a quik little google map that lists the local merchants who provide such a service. Google has attempted to find all such stores by using their own search engine capability, but it is not all that good. The merchant needs to go into the Local Business Center and CLAIM their business. Once claimed the merchant can edit, add to, choose categories, even upload pictures and YouTube video.

You can do all of this yourself or you can give me an email or phone call and I can help you through it (special right now $99.50) My normal minimum fee is $1425 for three months of marketing service. But I'll help you with this for a low fee to establish a relationship.

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