Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Small Business Money Saving Tips - Save $1200 a Year or More with This

 Save $1200/year or More with this Idea 
If you've read my books like Running a 21st Century Small Business, you know that I repeatedly say that you are likely to make more money in business on the buy side than on the sell side.  I'm not going to go into depth on that idea here.  Read my book.  : )

However, an article, Click Here , caused me to review my own discipline in following my own wisdom (LOL.)

So, the article had to do with saving money by calling once per year on your insurance rates.  I'm going to almost guarantee you that you will save $100 per month if you spend three hours researching and calling your Cable supplier, your land line phone supplier, your internet company, and your XM or Sirius radio folks.  Tell them you are quitting or considering alternatives.  What will they do for you.

XM gave me 6 months free.  My land line company cut my rate by $20 per month and added more stuff.  The TV cable folks wanted to bundle everything and clean my house once a month just to keep me.  (kidding about the house work.)

So lay out every monthly bill you have.  Who are the alternatives to each provider.  Go on line and see what the packages are.  Now start calling the alternatives and find out what the real price is.  Hammer and hammer.  Now call your provider back and see what they will do for you.

Now that you are in the mood, call all your business suppliers and see what they will do to keep you.  Assume there is a better deal that you haven't asked for.  Then send me 10% of what you save.

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