Tuesday, February 07, 2012

Email Still Rules For Small Business Marketing

What if I called you today and said you could send a letter or brochure to 4000 of your customers who've visited you over the last three years for $150.  Layout, design, paper, printing, postage, everything.  You'd be happy if 2% of those resulted in some kind of action or 80 people calling or coming in.  Of course, $150 is a joke.  You'd pay $1200 to $1800 just for the postage.

So explain to me why it is so hard to get clients to put together an email list and send out emails on a regular basis to their client list?  The cost is $150 at the most even if you use an outside resource to create the content.  Now, let's say only 1% buy something or even .5%.  So 40 or 20 folks take action for $150.  Tell me where on or off the internet there is a better deal than that.

You can get started today by signing up at Constant Contact or by giving us a call.  Randy at 310-910-1848

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