Saturday, January 28, 2012

New Book Covers SEO, SEM, Traditonal Methods of SMB Marketing

In September of 2011, I published a new book that covers every aspect of starting, owning, or running a small business.  Over 100 pages of the 300 total pages deals with the most up to date aspects of search engine marketing (SEM), search engine optimization (SEO), and every other aspect of marketing a small business off line and on line.  Actually, that isn't quite true, but we do cover a ton of content on traditional marketing for retailers.   You see, this book was my Fifth book written for the independent bicycle retailer.  The name is Principles of Bicycle Retailing for the Internet Age.

Why am I bring this up on a blog that cuts across all industries and business types?  Well, almost everybody reading this blog would benefit from purchasing the book.  Moreover, this book is really unique.  There is more to it than the printed page.  There is also a portal that is filled with videos, interviews, and tutorials that could never fit in a 1000 page book.  I'll admit that this book is expensive, as books go, at $49.95.  But the cost will seem small when you realize that you get six months free access to the portal that is worth $60.

Also in the portal is a continuous update of the book.  So, if Google Places or Yelp change the rules, that will be in the portal.  If there is a new internet option like Google +, that will be covered in the portal.  Once you join the portal, you are also updated weekly on the new content that has been added, and invited to free internet webinars that detail such things as how to shoot a YouTube video, or how to increase your reviews on Yelp.

Why am I suggesting you buy my specialized book on Bicycle Retailing instead of my more general book called "Running a 21st Century Small Business?"  Buy that one, too.  It's really inexpensive at around $11 on Amazon.  And 90% of it is up to date even at two years old.  Check out the great reviews.  Plus there is a Kindle version.  But the new book is relevant to your business and you get access to the portal. 

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