Saturday, January 28, 2012

How to Shoot and Edit YouTube Videos for Your Small Business

Webinar - YouTube DIY - 1/31

Huge ROI - Spend 20 hours on YouTube Videos

    ✓    One hour at the webinar 1/31 at 1:00 est
    ✓    One hour buying the items you don't have  ($200 max)
    ✓    Two hours shooting 6 videos
    ✓    Four hours learning how to edit
    ✓    Ten hours editing the 6 videos
    ✓    Two hours loading them up to YouTube

Let's say your time is worth $50 an hour.  Investment is $1200.  These videos will be up on YouTube for ever.  You can also use them about 10 other ways.  If those videos sell $10,000 worth of product over the next 24 months, or $400 per month, would you call that a good ROI?

The webinar will teach you everything you need to know to do the videos yourself.  And if you don't want to, we'll also tell you how to hire a local to do them. 

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