Tuesday, November 08, 2011

Game Changers - Siri, iPhone4S, Apps

In 1994, I read about the coming internet and told my business partner that we would want to get a website for our company as soon as they were available.  It was clear that the world wide web was going to change the way we did business. 

We may be on the verge of another such moment in history.  Some companies will take advantage of an opportunity to be on the cutting edge of this new way to be engaged with current and potential clients.  Others will wait to see if it really is the next best thing. 

Let's lay the groundwork.  Is there any doubt that IPads, IPhones, and Androids are going to be more important for search than desk tops and laptops?  Mobile devices are now the constant companion of a huge percentage of the population and the numbers are increasing exponentially by the day.  Siri and other voice recognition administrative assistants will complete the transition.  One week using my new iPhone 4s has made it clear to me that we are in a new era.

If you are going to communicate with your existing clients and reach out to new clients, it is going to be through mobile devices.  And the tool will not be your website in mobile mode.  It will be another Steve Jobs invention…the mobile app.

Until now, the mobile app has been generally used for fast ways to access content like the stock market or the weather, to play games, or to do calculations.  But by combining GPS, telephone, text, and voice commands, the mobile app provides amazing new functionality in the way companies and their clients will work together. 

You can create your own mobile app using various free or inexpensive online tools, and it may even be possible for you to get those apps approved by Apple and Google for inclusion in their app stores.  We have now added this capability to our business tool kit in case you'd rather not learn a new trade. 


Jean Newto said...

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