Friday, November 04, 2005

The Labor Shortage is Upon Us Again

I can't speak for the rest of the country or even all of California, but here in Southern California we are short of qualified workers. This is especially true of entry level people. Our company is currently finding it absolutely impossible to find third shift workers, and forget minimum wage.

Even at the local Home Depot the workers are demanding $100 a day. So why is there such a huge disconnect between the booming economy, the low unemployment rates, and the attitudes of the public as measured in the consumer confidence index? It can only be explained by main stream media, and its effort to undermine this president at any cost.

Don't look now, but the last time the labor pool dried up (1999), we had to have a recession to correct things. I'm terrible at making predictions about the timing of such things, but keep your eye on the quality of customer service where you trade, both as an owner, and as Joe consumer.

Big piece of evidence - We're having trouble getting call backs from COPIER SALESMEN!?!

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