Thursday, November 03, 2005

Every Mass Correspondence Must Be Delightful

Time to send your customer list another mailing or e-mailing or faxing? It may be the time because:

A. You send one out at this time every month (week, quarter)
B. You haven't done one in a while, and you need the business
C. You've never done one and it seems like a good idea
D. The person on staff who usually does it is out, and you have to do it.

Whatever your reason for sending out a mass correspondence, even if it is an expected and highly anticipated piece, don't send it if its boring.

Don't Get Junked

Because what you are sending out is generally seen as a sales piece, even if there is non-commercial content, you are always on the thin line of being discarded. If you aren't in the mood, or have nothing interesting to say, but you go ahead and send some lukewarm blah anyway, you have further tipped the scale with regard to your next piece. The second time is death. The third strike, you're out.

This can also be true even if your material is pretty smart and pithy, but too narrow to appeal to everyone on the list. You'll note that this blog moves around from things about selling to marketing to web sites to e-mails to even personal stuff. That is intentional. You might not be interested in the first post on the page, but when you scroll down, hopefully you'll find one or two articles that keep you coming back.

Make it Delightful

Conclusion. Everything you write to your customer should be written with one question in your mind: "Is this delightful?" Don't always count on your own stuff being great when there is so much material on the internet available for outstanding content.

P.S. If I write something really boring, please note in the comment section. : )

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