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8 Rules for Using Backlinks Help a Miami Lawyer to Rank?

Miami Lawyers Gilbert and Smallman

My Miami Lawyer Client Is the Hardest Keyword I've Ever Faced

Some keywords are easy, like chimney sweep Hackensack.  Other keywords are hard.  I was talking about this with another SEO consultant the other day.  We weren't sure if Miami attorney or Philadelphia lawyer was harder.  We just agreed, both were tough.

The basic rules for writing online content in order to generated views and backlinks haven't changed:

Rule #1 - Your content should be written for the consumer of the content, not for Google.
Rule #2 - Rewrite to optimize the article for backlinks without compromising the quality of the writing.

Both of these rules will please the Google Beast.  You must first feed it strong, healthy food, then you can add in the Extreme Moose Tracks.  For a while in 2010 - 2012, this was not necessarily the case.  You could write, "spell article by lawyer in Miami attorney for criminal law around special patterns," and hyperlink Lawyer in Miami to their home page.  Then you would merely place this sentence in an article, press release, forum,  and/or "guest blog," and Google actually gave the links credit.

But algorithm changes Panda, Penguin, and assorted others changed everything in early 2012, and today this same practice might actually cause the beast to eat you.  There are some new rules in 2013.

Rule #3 - Don't overuse the same exact keyword from the same source.   We used to believe that you just needed to keep the total use of a keywords under 5% of the total on the page (or some other percent depending on which guru you were reading).  Now you can lose the value of keywords or even get negative attention if the keyword is overused even in the same website or blog.

Rule #4 - Solve the overuse problem by using synonyms.  Google wants you to write naturally, and knows that good writers don't use the same words over and over.  A good writer will say that, "The Miami lawyer was noted for involvement in a synthetic marijuana case.  The Miami based Attorney made the news in this case which potentially would break new legal ground."

Rule #5 - You will note in the above rule #4, that each link is to a different URL that the dealer hopes to help to rank.  In this case, one is to the website and the other is to the blog.  It would be easy to also point out that,"The Law Offices of Gilbert and Smallman offer many videos about criminal law in South Florida."   This link goes to their YouTube channel or could go to a specific video.  You can repeat this with individual blog posts, inside pages on the website, and so on.

Rule #6 - Google also knows that good writers will commonly provide a "natural" url instead of a hyperlink.  So they like to see variations in this theme as well.  "Another way that Miami criminal attorneys Gilbert and Smallman impact the legal scene in Florida is through their extensive blog on all designed to help consumers understand legal issues.  The blog is available at

Rule #7 - I also changed the URL for this blog to have /Miami-lawyer appear first in the internal page portion of the URL.  Google looks at URL's, and believes that what you put in the URL is what is most important to you.

Rule #8 - I created a "Search Description" which is the equivalent in Blogger for the description tag.  This tag should be written as a teaser and have 140 characters or less.  

The blog post above provided my client with 5 backlinks to 4 different URL's with 3 different keywords.  And you'll also note that one of the links was in the H1 headline.  The article sounds perfectly normal, not jammed with inappropriate or weird sentences designed to merely spam.

What would you add to this analysis?  Are there other techniques that you are currently using to provide great content, but that also benefit your sites with links?
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