Wednesday, March 20, 2013

WordPress or Blogger - Which IS Better in 2013??

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Nothing stays the same.  The only thing that doesn't change is change.  Apple dominates smart phone profits and use.  Will that still be the case in 6 months?  Google is the king of Local.  Will anybody be able to make a dent in that domination?  Which bring us to the case for today.  Which is better, WordPress or Blogger.


A Very Short History of Blogging


In the beginning there was Blogger.  Easy to use for even non techie guys like me.

Then came others like TypePad and WordPress who fought for second place.

I think we can all agree, WordPress won and now dominates.

Blogger fought back in 2012 with new templates, layouts, ideas, and approaches.

WordPress has been hacked and riddled with comment spam which isn't a Blogger issue

Google+ Integration may be a very big deal for Blogger.  Authorship, too.

YouTube Integration, also.

My own sense is that while WordPress was favored for ranking last year, the seems to have passed.

Could it be that WP is so heavily spammy content that there is a leveling of that field?

I Am Heavily Invested in Blogger, I Admit


I have a horse in this race.  My clients are 90% in Blogger because I put them there.  In some cases it wouldn't be that hard to move them over.  My own blogs are also Blogger, and most of them have 100's of posts over many years.

But I really am open to have the debate.  I'd love to hear about any statistical evidence, but anecdotal is fine.  Is there any thought that Blogger isn't easier?  Or is WP easy once you get used to all the plugins and such?

Let the Debate Begin

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