Sunday, May 22, 2011

YouTube Videos Custom Produced for Your Business As Low As $100 Each

Which would you prefer for your next ad if all the costs were the same?  Mail, Newspaper, Radio, or TV?   Nobody questions to reach and power of television compared to radio or print.  That very fact is being dramatically exhibited every single day as everyone from the local handyman to Pepsi and Apple utilize the most important component of social media, YouTube, to advertise and promote their products and services.  Are you taking advantage?

We will produce 6 short videos for you, edit them, add music, text, links, descriptions, great titles, and upload them onto YouTube and other video depositories for just $600.  These can be done in your facility if you are within a one hour drive of Los Angeles International Airport.  Or we can do them remotely (it's a secret how we do this.) if you are in another city.   Call us Now at 310-910-1848 to get started.

Over 50% of my incoming phone calls are from YouTube videos and I have multiple websites, blogs, articles, pr releases, and other content all over the web.  Many of my clients are experiencing exactly the same thing.

Your videos will show up on YouTube Search.  This is the second most important search engine after Google.  But the good news is that your video will also show up on Google Search.  Sometimes even on the first page.

Moreover, our videos are high enough quality that many of our clients place these videos on the front page of their website.  They almost always use the videos as the reason for a post on their blogs.  You can also put them up on FB.  One video can result in multiple uses.  We'll show you how 6 videos might result in your company being found on 100's of search results for the keywords you care about.

The reason YouTube is so amazing as an advertising resource is that your potential clients are more likely to trust your company if they see you telling the story.  We train our clients to come across on their own YouTube videos as very authentic and trustworthy.  By using multiple videos you are also able to show that you have a depth and breadth of knowledge that gives the potential customer the confidence they need to pick up the phone or come to your store.

Call us today.  Remember $600 is all it takes to get started with 6 videos.  Call 310-910-1848 right NOW!

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kuan said...

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