Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Using Press Releases (PR) to Advertise and Promote Your Local Small Business

Getting in front of the press has never been easier or harder. The traditional press release is almost dead, but the new wave methods are not sufficient in themselves to get major regional or national coverage. If you are interested in getting press coverage for your event, new product release, special, change in personnel, or any of the many, many reasons for sending out a press release, take a minute to review the following. It could save you thousands of dollars.

If you are releasing a new movie or automobile, have the latest invention that will solve the energy crises or cure cancer, or you are attempting to establish a national brand most of the old rules apply, but there are some new ones. You will not turn to Page1Listings.com for this type of release. You need an experienced professional PR firm that has connections...lots and lots of connections. You see, because of the new rules for lesser PR events that follow below, the press has more than enough news coming their way to fill their ever smaller newspapers and magazines. So, these editors have put up more walls between themselves and small PR producers than ever in the past. This means that unless you have one heck of a story, or you are connected, you are not going to get the time of day from most mainstream media: print, TV, radio, or even internet.

On the other hand, let's say you have a great new idea, or you're going to have an event that has a potential to be of interest to 1000, 100,000, or a few million folks. Getting your information out to narrow interest groups is simple and no longer requires massive PR expenditures. You can do some of it yourself, although a professional can increase the chances of wide exposure very substantially. If you are a writer, and you know something about the structure of a Press Release, you can easily put it up on PRlog.org absolutely free of anything other than your time. I have tried as hard as I can to find other truly free web based press release sites, but all the others are either too painful or have too many tricky ways to get you to pay something. (Do you want a picture? Is it more than 800 words? Do you want it to be targeted to more than one interest group?) PRlog.org is 100% free and no tricks. Not only that, due to their size and presence, their releases commonly place very well on Google Search.

Now the tricky part. Like any other web based effort, your press release needs to have key words in title, description, and content. But you also want the release to be compelling and interesting to the press and to your target group. And, what are the key words that you should use? Now that the Press Release has been put on PRLog.org, what else should you be doing to get the word out? How can you maximize the results of this PR campaign.

Your PR release placed on PRLog.org or other "free" or paid internet services will be seen by 1000's of people, many of whom will be bloggers, internet news sources, and traditional media. That is, if the release is properly created and promoted. There are still industry and local news organizations that you can contact to reinforce your interest in having the news published in their online or traditional media products. Most of this you can do yourself. And I'm pleased to provide you with this short primer for DIY. If you'd like some help, you can check out examples of some of the press releases we have done recently by going to http://pressroom.prlog.org/Local_Biz_Marketing/

Here is a short video that offers some additional ideas

If you would like us to write your press release, please know that it will be written from the standpoint of a marketing professional, not a reporter. We will design the press release to maximize the potential for being read, but also being acted on. This means that we will be very conscious of your organizations goals and expectations, and make every effort to see that the presser fits in with other elements of your campaign. We will do independent research regarding your article to flesh it out and make it readable and likely to be seen on Google and Google news. We will research key words and report back to you for your input on which keywords to emphasize. This entire effort commonly costs less than $500.

Give us a call and let us help you get the word out!

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