Sunday, July 26, 2009

Los Angeles Marketing Consultant offers Cross Promotion Case Study

If you are interested in creating a major promotion and you are long on time, but short on money, here is an example of an almost free cross promotion we did for a local retailer as part of a grand opening. This case study example could be used any time in conjunction with an event, no matter how small.

The central element in the promotion was a raffle. We wanted to involve the local high school in that the retailer wanted to attract that age group to his new location. After a few phone calls we were able to find one of the performance groups at the school that was trying to raise money for an out-of-state competition. It could have been the band, the choir, the art department, but in this case it turned out to be the audio-visual department.

We set a goal to raise $10,000 and decided to sell the raffle tickets for $5 each in sets of 20. The students would do all the selling. We recommended that the students pay $100 for the pack in advance and then sell the pack to recover their investment, then return the signed stubs for the drawing.

The students then asked their own parents and friends parents if there were products that could be donated from local businesses they knew. Of course, the prizes would be listed on the raffle tickets as publicity for those donating major prizes.

We also canvassed other retailers in the area to gather even more prizes. We ended up with a very nice list including products, tickets to sporting events, free lessons at local music shops and karate studios, and dinners at restaurants in the area.

The students had no difficulty selling the tickets and raising the cash. In fact, they could have raise substantially more. Each day for several weeks the students announced the entire event over the PA system during homeroom, including the name of the client.

Our client paid for the tickets. The cost was under $300 for the 2000 tickets. On each ticket, the largest words were the name and address of the client.

For less than $300, the client became a great friend to the school, made dozens of contacts, had multiple announcements to the 2000 students, teachers, and administrators at the school, and received multiple impressions from the 10,000 tickets that were handed to consumers in their neighborhood.

And since this was a major event, many individuals attended the event to see if they won, which created more crowd and excitement for the grand opening.

If you wanted to do this promotion at -0- cost, merely get a co-sponsor to pay for the tickets.

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