Tuesday, January 10, 2006

When Sam Walton Speaks - People Listen

I love the internet. There is so much free info available. As an author, I do worry a bit about the future of publishing for profit. There are too many writers like me who are willing to put out information for free.

Another free list I ran into yesterday offers Sam Walton's top ten elements of success in running a small business. My new book has a top ten list, and I'm proud of that list. I think it has real merit. But, if I'm honest, you probably will put more stock in Sam Walton's list than mine. If you want mine, it will cost you $11 on Amazon

As for the WalMart founder's list, I will provide that over the next month or so, one item at a time. I think that will make it more meaningful. I'll start in a few days.

Today, I will give you one of mine. Nothing Happens Until Something Is Sold.

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