Monday, November 07, 2005

Choose THE CHOICE by Og Mandino

Are you currently hitting your sales goals? Are you setting any? Are you satisfied with your income? Are you happy with your career progress?

You might think that since I write these articles that I have it all figured out. But truly, just like you, I need to constantly refresh my knowledge. When it comes to selling especially, there is a tendency for salesfolks to forget one or more of the principles which are critical to sales success.

So, while I was on vacation, I started to reread some of the success and motivation classics. My library contains quite a few, and some of them are so old they are almost falling apart.

THE CHOICE by Og Mandino was the first one I picked up to reread. Unlike many other writers of this genre, Og doesn't give you a list of things to do, or set out an outline of approaches or methods. He tells you a story. In THE CHOICE, you get a glimpse into the life of Mark Christopher, the youngest VP of sales for Treasury Insurance Company. And Mark is faced with a choice that would get anyone's attention.

Through this parable, Og Mandino touches your heart as well as your brain. The goal of any such work is to stimulate the reader to greater levels of achievement. But once again, Mandino is a little different than most. He offers lessons that will increase your earning power, but the lesson includes considerations for balancing other aspects of your life with your career.

Find THE CHOICE and other excellent books by Og Mandino at all the usual place. Highly recommend that you make this book required reading for all executives and sales staff.

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