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YouTube Videos Are Best Online Resource for Prospect Conversions

After 9+ years and helping 160 small businesses to grow their sales and profits, a few things have become crystal clear.
  1. Google My Business (Maps, Places) is the most important real estate online
  2. Email blasts have the best ROI, but that is partially because they are so inexpensive
  3. You must have a website if you want to grow your business
  4. 70% of new business comes from referrals. The Internet might deliver 20-50%
  5. Social Media is still not the best solution for converting new customers
  6. Companies forget about traditional marketing and advertising to their peril
  7. YouTube videos convert
We have created over 3000 videos in the last nine years for our own companies and for our clients. There are several rules that need to be followed to create great videos that convert:
  • Shorter is not always better. Take as long as you need to tell the full story
  • People are not looking for glitz from a local vendor. They are looking for authenticity
  • You know your stuff. Don't use a script. Talk from your heart
  • A video that doesn't include call to action is a waste of time
  • Videos need to be seen. Don't make one if you aren't going to promote it
Here are a few recent videos we've created for our clients. Hopefully they will provide you with some idea of why these have worked so well.

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