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Much is made of the idea that print is dead

But while only a small percentage of the work we do ends up printed on paper, the truth is industry magazines, newspapers, Every Door Direct Mail (EDDM), and company brochures are still viable ways to promote your firm. 

This first series is and EDDM project we did for a realtor in West Los Angeles. We wanted to catch the attention of the homeowner between the mailbox and the trash.

This is the front cover of a book we recently published for a Beverly Hills based realtor. We wanted to produce a cover that would stand out on Kindle, with a headline (title) that was catchy and short. As is usually the case with real estate, we wanted to get the realtor's face front and center. 

This was the opposite side of the post card series above. The mortgage broker and realtor shared the EDDM effort. Mortgage brokers need to sell the details of what they do. In this case we wanted to proved an array of options that might result in refinancing a home for cash out. 

Brochures and One Pages are very popular for networking meetings and trade shows. They can also be used for mailers. This was one we did for a bookkeeping company. They wanted to make the point that they were equipped to move from simple bookkeeping services to full on CPA work. 

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