Massive Content Upload

Special Offer - We can only handle one client at a time for this product!

Excellent quality, unique, useful, relevant content is king.  It always was, and for Google, always will be.  But for a while poorly written, useless, spun garbage was helping folks get ranked.  That's totally over now with Panda, Venice, and Penguin bots working the territory.  Back to basics.

If you would like to get massive visibility for a few keywords, and great visibility for dozens or even 100's of long tails and relevant keywords, and you'd like that to happen quickly, we have a program for you. 

A typical client pays us $845 or more per month and slowly we build this kind of content along with other non web marketing such as events, print media, trade shows, and more.  But if you want to make a fast splash online, we have done it before and we can do it again.  This approach is a $5000 all in advance payment and includes 50 hours of my personal time and up to 100 hours of staff time.  You will get roughly the following (each case will differ based on the type of business and other considerations)

Website SEO and recommendations for changes that will help conversion.  (The actual work on the website can be done by your web master or at an additional cost by ours.)
Creation of a blog if you don't have one.  Upgrade to the blog if you do.
Daily posting on the blog for 60 days.
Creation of Twitter, Facebook page, Google+ Page, and Pinterest if any of those don't exist.  Upgrades if they do.  Effective daily activity on all Social media sites.
Creation of YouTube Channel if you don't have one.  Upgrade if you do.
Ten or more 2-5 minute videos fully edited with intro, music, outro, and seo on all videos.
Videos loaded up to Youtube and 10 other video channels such as Vimeo, Daily Motion, etc.
Promotion of all media in all channels from quality blogs, Twitter, and Google+ accounts.  All back links created will be clean and placed in professionally written content.
At least 250 citations included hyper local and industry citations.  (May be some additional cost for some cites)
At least 5 Press Releases on  All Press releases will be Promoted.  (You may choose to spend extra for paid distribution of these releases.  All press release work is online only.)
Tutorials on how to maintain all blogs, videos, social media, etc., after we have completed the project.
Reduced rate of $500 a month for continued services if you choose to have us do the online effort. 
Reduced rate of $750 per month for full marketing services after the project is complete. 
No obligation to continue with any services.

If you would like to see examples of our work or discuss the details further, call me at 310-910-1848

Randy Kirk

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