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Please take a minute to view some of the websites that we have designed and developed. We have a special approach to websites that you will not find with any other designer/developer. 

This website was created to immediately draw attention to the amazing capabilities of the photographer.  A website should capture the personality of the company or the owner. This website was able to feature the work and the approach that Bill Stockwell was known for. The use of the selfie in the corner was deliberately done to add personality and charm


We take a completely different approach to website design and development. We believe that your website is the most important document your company owns, and that the real estate that it occupies is likely to be considered an asset if you were ever to sell. The website, for most small businesses, must take the place of:

  • Your storefront
  • Your brochure
  • Your first impression
  • Your address
  • Your value proposition
  • Your credibility
  • Your sales floor
  • Your office
  • Your business card
  • Your news outlet
  • Your radio and television station
  • Your lead generation machine
  • Your silent salesman
  • Your customer resource center
Whether you send someone specifically to your website to prove your credibility and provide them with the details of how you work and why they should buy from you, or a prospect finds your site through search, advertising, or other online media, the website carries a big load for your company.

Belle Tsai specializes in the helping folks buy their dream homes. Most of Belle's home sales are in exclusive neighborhoods such as Santa Monica, Marina Del Ray and other West Side locations in Los Angeles. The use a an amazing image of a ocean view home lets the visitor know this is Belle's territory. The Logo and picture further develop the theme of elegance. 

When someone arrives at your website before they've talked to you, they are going to make a snap decision about whether your website will provide them with the information they need. You have only seconds to get your message across. Do you think a potential customer will be able to get "you" within seconds of arriving at your current website?

Next, your website should be a reflection of your company personality and style. You don't want to give one impression on your website, and then have the prospects expectations dashed when the actually call or meet you.

Whit Prouty specializes in the sale of residential real estate.

 Whit Prouty is one of the top real estate agents in Los Angeles and works out of the Beverly Hills office of Coldwell Banker. The website needed to give evidence that Whit works with luxury properties in West Los Angeles.

Your website needs to provide a great experience, in particular with regard to useful and well written content that gives the prospect confidence in you and your company. Otherwise, when they do find such content on your competitor's site, they are likely to buy from them.

Your site should have all of the information about contacting you including address, phone, email, and social media.

If you have done all of the above, and possibly also added a video page, a news page, and some even helpful resources that might be related to your business, you are still faced with another task. Can anyone actually find your website.

Bumstead's Bicycles is the oldest bike shop under one family ownership in the US.  If you visit the website at you will see that we have another slide that shows that history. However, we also wanted to bring the visitor into the action right away. Almost all visits to bike shop websites are to see information about bikes. So they go front and center.

Were you to pay top dollar for a great location, you'd expect traffic. Otherwise your money is wasted in the extra rent. If you have a poor location, you'd expect to have to advertise to get folks to find your store. This is true for your website, also.

The use of SEO, social media, and paid advertising are the methods that will drive traffic to your website. The more traffic, the more business. You will also want to heavily promote your website in print, trade shows, and other traditional media.

We would love to help you make your website shine. We typically charge $2000 and up for a great site. We also only do websites for those who are on board with us as clients. Call Randy Kirk today and discuss the potential to build your sales and profits through marketing.

This new site at was revised to let prospects know that this company builds complete homes in addition to smaller projects. The expectation of their ideal customer is that Unique is capable of building the finest home in the most exclusive neighborhood.

We have 40+ years experience in SEO. We built our first website in 1995. Our clients commonly have their websites on page one, even for the most competitive keywords.

For this bankruptcy attorney we wanted to convey a sense that she understands the hurt and chaos that accompanies financial stress.

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