Saturday, January 31, 2015

An Alternative to LeTip and BNI - Networking on Steroids


Business Networking Power Groups now forming

I recommend that small businesses join local networking groups in my business books. I even used to get out of bed extra early and be ready to do business at 7:00 a.m. every Tuesday morning. During the week I would feel the pressure of bringing a tip or lead or referral. And for all that pressure and effort, I also paid a steep price for membership and breakfast. GOOD NEWS! I got a huge ROI that still brings me income years later. I am a huge fan of networking groups.


There is a better way. No more meetings. No more pressure. No more faking like you think the folks in your group are all the best at their craft. And the ROI?  No one can guarantee anything, but the potential for this new approach is staggering...I think you will agree when you hear the details.

Put together a power team of businesses who share many of the same clients!

If you've been to networking groups, many of the members are totally unrelated to your business. In fact, most networking groups advise that an effort be made to form power sub groups within the larger club. Why not start with that idea in mind? Build the networking members 100% from other non-competing businesses who already share connections with your clients.

For example:  
  • The wedding business - photographer, limo service, bakery, jewelery store, flowers, etc.
  • Real estate - RE agent, mortgage broker, insurance agent, escrow officer, etc
  • Health and fitness - gym, spa, chiropractor, bike shop, nutritionist, personal trainer, etc.
  • Building trades - contractor, plumber, electrician, landscaper, painter, interior designer
You get the idea. There are many dozens of similar type groups that you can think of easily. Where does your business fit in? How many other businesses can you think of that share your customers?

Do away with the meetings, the pageantry, and the required leads

I'm not against going to meetings, and maybe your group will decide to meet on occasion for some food and fellowship. And out of those relationships, you may choose to refer one another. GREAT!
Just one such lead a month would likely make joining such a group worthwhile, and even worth paying a few hundred dollars to belong. For most businesses, a single referral from a trusted resource would be worth at least a few hundred dollars.

Reduce the time commitment to almost zero

Most of these meetings take about about 8 hours a month of your precious time. Even if you only bill your time at $50 an hour, that is a $400 a month commitment. Add that to the actual expense! As noted above, even at that cost, my involvement in LeTip paid off big time. But what if I could get a better result, and my time commitment was around two hours a month. And what if I could get out of that two hour commitment by paying an extra $150. Now I'm down to pretty close to zero of my time.

Business Networking Power Groups are almost a miracle

All we need to make it work are these ingredients:
  1. Seven - nine businesses all sharing some of the same customers
  2. Each business must have an email list or be willing to start assembling one
  3. Each business must have 500+ connections on Linkedin or be willing to spend a bit of time or money acquiring those connections. (Under 3 hours if no connections now)
  4. Each business must write two 500 word articles per month relevant to their own business or pay to have that article written ($50 each)

We will do the rest. Here is what we promise you will receive for your participation and dues:
  • You will be showcased on the masthead of a website/blog developed specifically for the group
  • You will have additional information about your company on an inside page of the website
  • You will have multiple backlinks from the site to your website that will help your SEO
  • Your business will be viewed on that website/blog a minimum of 10,000 times per month
  • Your business will be tweeted about on various Twitter accounts 72 times per day minimum
  • Your business will be seen on the other members Linkedin updates at least once per day each 
  • Your business will be seen on email blasts that go out to all members email lists twice each month
The total impressions from the above will be at least 20,000 per month by the end of three months. We expect that it will be substantially more than that.

What would you expect to pay for 20,000 impressions per month in such a focused way?

There are all kinds of ways to pay for impressions. Some are 10¢ a piece, but those are usually not nearly so focused as these. But if we use that number, $2000 a month would be reasonable. You know what it takes for you to make that $2000 back. For some, like a real estate broker or a lawyer, it might only take one new client.  For others, like the wedding bakery, it might take 5 new clients.  

We can't guarantee anything, but we would speculate that you will get enough clients just from personal referrals of the group members to pay that $2000. Why? Because it is a power group. You actually provide a excellent service to your client if you can recommend related businesses to help them with their needs. 

Automation makes this deal a steal!

We have created a method for automating this entire effort - except for the article writing. The automation does cost us bunch to set up and then to operate. But while we could probably charge $2000 for this opportunity, we don't have to. In fact, we are highly confident that we would be turning away business if we offered the deal at $995 a month. 

We have honed the process and tested it extensively, and we are excited to be able to offer all of the above benefits: the website, the tweeting, the Linkedin updating, the email blasting, and the organization and backroom needs for much less.  In fact, for the first 25 groups that we set up during February 2015, we are able to set those dues at just $235 a month. 

Call 310-910-1848 to get started on setting up a power networking group for your business.

You could be the lucky business who gets the entire package for FREE!

We need organizers. We need someone who will round up six other businesses and get the club started. We'll help with materials, videos, phone calls, webinars, or whatever else you might need to help get those other six - nine members. (No more than nine to a group) The company who does the organizing gets all the benefits for free. Caveat - the organizer still has to write two articles per month or pay to have those articles written for them. 

If you would like to be an organizer, call 310-910-1848 Now!

Start Your own Business Network Power Groups business - we need business owners or just good organizers who'd like to start up groups as a full-time or part-time business.  Send your resume' or your Linkedin URL to


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